The Company Culture at SLV

At Savannah Lakes Village, we are developing a culture of service excellence because we believe our team members are at the core of everything we do in providing quality service that fosters a thriving community for our neighbors, members and guests.

We believe everything starts with our people. We consider five pillars to be part of a successful organization: people, service, member/guest experience, finance and growth. It all starts with our people. We believe happy and engaged team members provide quality service that leads to exceptional experiences, organizational stability and growth.

“Yours in service…”

If you have had an email conversation with COO Kirk Smith, you have likely read that phrase. We are primarily a service organization. In fact, if the service aspect of our offering is not intact, no other factor can overcome the deficit. Mr. Smith says it right, we are in service.

“All the Best!”

This phrase, also one of Mr. Smith’s common email closings, reflects our passion for excellence. We cultivate an atmosphere in which excellence is the norm. Exceeding expectations is rewarded. We don’t want to simply show up; we want to be the best.